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Experience finest German laser technology in a compact and durable housing


The RTI PIKO Series is designed for top professional applications: Despite the extremely high laser power that can be achieved from the small PIKO systems, the scanning capability matches top end requirements. As the laser modules are extremely precise due to special optical combination of the single sources, it is possible to use very small scanning mirrors inside the RTI PIKO laser systems, which leads to reduced inertia.

The high powers combined with the great beam specifications make projections look bright and crisp and beams visible over a very long distance.


Fields of application:

RTI PIKO laser systems are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of laser show applications. Graphics projections, e.g. for advertising or brand representation, are not problem, but the PIKO systems are also well suitable for highly visible beam show applications.



RTI PIKO compact front right

The RTI PIKO systems are available in different power levels. Various connector types are available on request, including waterproof ones.
Power multicolor:
28W, 30W
RGB: 250 x 411 x 265 mm
Power consumption:
500 W
ca. 20kg
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"If you buy a professional speaker system, you would never chose it just by Wattage - it's always sound quality and possible sound pressure that count.
Why would you chose a professional laser system differently?

Choose it by visibility and quality, and it will suit all your needs."

N. Stangl, Head of the Laserworld Academy




Product variations

Different variants are available: from classical RGB units with power up to 26 W, single green high power systems with up to 20 W OPSL, to special solutions like whitelight systems with Yellow assemblies. Even individual configurations are available on request.


Scanner system

All PIKO systems are standardly equipped with extremely fast and highly angle-stable scanners, 45 kpps ILDA 8°. Optional, CT-6210H with LAS Turboscan drivers and 60 kpps ILDA 8° are available, too.

The control of the PIKO systems is based on the ILDA standard protocol, additional upgrades allow optional control via LAN, Stand-Alone Mode, DMX or SD card.
A browser interface for easy remote calibration is integrated as standard.



According to IP54 the housing of the PIKO Series is dust-proof and protected against splashing water, which makes the units suitable for a multitude of different applications. It is made of highly durable aluminium. Optical components as well as control electronics are integrated dust-proof. Cooling is assured by a central heat sink, that is supported by temperature-controlled fans, if necessary.