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The RTI NANO laser systems are developed for highly professional applications and stand for a large color spectrum in combination with an affordable price. The adjustment of the color gradation can be carried out much smoother compared to a conventional RGB system and the entire spectrum is broader. This is achieved by using green, yellow and cyan Coherent Taipan OPSL laser sources (depending on the device) as well as Swiss made red and blue diode modules, that, compared to a pure OPSL system, extend the color spectrum by some nanometers once more.
The combination of red and blue diodes with green, yellow and cyan OPSL modules bears different advantages: The low price of the diodes makes the system very affordable - at the same time the series cover a broad wavelength range. The OPSL technology as green source improves modulation and beam profile compared to common DPSS sources. Yellow and cyan OPSL modules amplify the color spectrum and intensify the overall visibility. In addition, an optimization and brightening of the whitelight is achieved.
Special beam collimation and beam shaping optics make it possible to adjust the diodes' beam profile perfectly to that of the OPSL modules.

RTI Lasers RTI NANO Series

The RTI NANO Series comprises high end show laser light systems 'Made in Germany' by the Germany manufacturer Ray Technologies, a Laserworld company. The RTI NANO show laser systems provide extreme high power of up to 110�000mW, depending on the model! All devices are equipped with diodes and / or OPSL modules (DPSS @ RTI NANO G100) for brilliant colors and great color fading behavior. The laser beams and beam shape are highly precise and accurate, which makes the RTI NANO show lasers suitable for high professional applications - indoors and outdoors. Each projector comes with fast scanners for smooth projections and with a detachable remote control pad for adjusting color balance, scanning and much more. The RTI NANOs can be controlled through ILDA and optionally through DMX, SD-card, W-DMX, LAN and Auto mode. The housings are waterproof according to IP65 and very durable.
RTI Lasers RTI NANO Series
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Product variations

RTI NANO systems are available in different setups. All of these combine diode modules with OPSL laser sources. The RTI NANO Series exclusively comprise units with a broader range of colors, i.e. more than three laser sources, whereas the RTI NANO Series offer systems in the classical RGB range. Further laser systems with a broader range of colors are available  in the RTI NANO AT Series. NANO AT systems are completely equipped with OPSL sources and also provide single color systems. Even special configurations are possible.


Scanner system

Like all units of the PIKO, the RTI NANO units are standardly equipped with extremely fast and highly angle-stable CT-6210HP scanners. These are manufactured by Cambride Technologies, the special scanner driver comes from Ray Technologies - and, in addition, assures increased efficiency.

The control of the NANO systems is based on the ILDA standard protocol, additional upgrades allow optional control via LAN, Stand-Alone Mode, DMX or W-DMXTM.


The NANO housing is IP65 waterproof. Therefore it is suitable for a multitude of different applications - even outdoor, during rain or in areas with high humidity. It is made of highly durable aluminium. Optical components as well as control electronics are integrated dust-proof. Cooling is assured by a central heat sink, that is supported by temperature-controlled fans, if necessary.
Also the connections on the rear side of the housing fulfill the IP65 standards.

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By default, all NANO systems feature a multifunctional Touchscreen Remote Pad. The removeable remote control provides different functions, such as settings of color balance and brightness, scanner setups or an overview over the system's general operating status. It also comes with a safety button and a key-switch. The Remote Pad can be extended via LAN cable, so it is possible to operate the laser from a larger distance.RTI Remote Pad - Colorsetting2

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High quality PELI Case included

The NANO systems are delivered in a high quality PELI Case, which protects them from dirt, water or shocks.


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