Laser beams over Lake Constance, Germany - December 2012

This is the result of a product demonstration for some customers from Asia. The projectors were installed in Lengwil (Switzerland) on the roof of the Laserworld´s head office. The beams were shoot into the sky over Constance. Following setup was used for the spectacular laser show: 2 x RTI NANO RYGCB 35 4 x RTI NANO Rainbow 36 2 x RTI PIKO G24 running on Pangolin Beyond with 2 x QM.NET and 1 x... Laser beams over Lake Constance, Germany -...

Club T-REX 2012, Nanjing, China

Laser installation in 2012, Club T-Rex in Nanjing, China. We installed four PIKO RGB 4 there. Club T-REX 2012, Nanjing, China

Cheryl Cole Tour - " A million lights"

For Cheryl Coles Tour " A million lights" our customer CMT events supported a bunch of recently purchased single green lasers. 1x PIKO G24, 2x PIKO G10 and a PIKO 8W have been used in combination with a 4 channel Pangolin network to give this show special highlights. Many thanks to CMT events for this reference jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()... Cheryl Cole Tour - " A million lights"

Musical "Attraction" at the Bird Nest stadium, Beijing/China

It took over 12 months to prepare the musical "Attraction", which was performed by 21.09-08.10.2012 in the Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing / China. While the stadium was originally built in 2008 for the Olympic Games in Beijing, film director Lu Chuan took the chance and created this incredible musical which knows assert due to its action, its size and the involved effects. Performed by over 600... Musical "Attraction" at the Bird Nest...

Cosmic Gate - The Palladium Hollywood, USA 2012

4x PIKO RGB 11.0 jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li a").bind("click", function (e)... Cosmic Gate - The Palladium Hollywood, USA 2012

Streetparade Zurich 2012, Switzerland

Over 140Watt of laser power have been installed from Laserworld to create an incredible laser show on the Streetparade in Zurich last weekend. Over 950.000 people celebrated this big party in the streets while Laserworlds LJ´s implemented all laser shows live and synchronous to the music on three stages. Multiple power ranges from Ray Technologies' PIKO and NANO devices made this experience to... Streetparade Zurich 2012, Switzerland

German Cocktail Championship 2012

German Cocktail-Championship 2012Over 35 bartenders from the 12 sections of the German Bartenders Union Association (DBU), fought in Leipzig/Germany in an exciting competition and a great atmosphere for the victory. Laserworld Laser projectors also contributed to the casual atmosphere with RGB graphic projections. Logo projections of individual spirits manufacturers have been projected onto the... German Cocktail Championship 2012
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