Open Beatz 2013

The Open Beatz festival took place on July 19th and 20th in Herzogenaurach (Germany) – and it was significantly bigger than the years before. Top-acts like Joachim Garraud, Sandro Silva and Michael Woods played their sets on the main stage. Joachim Garraud did a great show with combining classical DJing, live-performances and new-style video-mixes. There were two other stages, Circle Of Heaven... Open Beatz 2013

Caprice Festival - Crans Montana (CH) 2013

Caprices Festival at Crans Montana (CH) March 2013 with Fatboy Slim on main stage - The Moon 2 x Piko G24 1 x Nano AT6 Software: BEYOND Ultimate with 2x QM.NET Interfaces Caprice Festival - Crans Montana (CH) 2013

18 Years New Airport Würzburg, Germany

Techno Party at New Airport - Würzburg 18 Years New Airport 2 x RTI PIKO RGB6.5 2 x RTI NANO RGB15 1 x RTI NANO AT4 RYGB22 18 Years New Airport Würzburg, Germany

Prolight + Sound 2013

Ray Technologies laser systems offered again a spectacular laser show on the Laserworld booth at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. The multimedia laser show has included also video projections and a large water screen. The different projection surfaces of video, water and gauze screens gave an impression of very plastic, even 3D-like effects. The music was an own composition which was specially... Prolight + Sound 2013

Club M2 - Shanghai, China

The Club M2 is a very famous and trendy club in downtown Shanghai / China. Now the M2 has an extra attration: high end laser systems of RTI. Our partner Bocatec has done the installation. Following items have been used: 3 x RTI PIKO 11.0 RGB 1 x 4m fog screen for laser light and video projections The laser light systems are controlled by Phoenix with 3 network interface cards and... Club M2 - Shanghai, China

30 Years Airport Würzburg, Germany

The 'Airport Wuerzburg' is one of the oldest clubs for house and techno music in Germany. In 1983 the club has opened its doors for the very first time. Many of the parties which took place at airport's five floors are legendary. In 2013 the club has celebrated its 30 anniversary and arranged a huge party. Moonbootica, DJ Sonic, Toni Rios, the Disco Boys and many other DJs were booked for... 30 Years Airport Würzburg, Germany

Grand Opening of the Mooch Bar in Birmingham, UK

To celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Mooch Bar in Birmingham UK, AC Lasers and Laserworld got the chance to advertise for this event via laser projection with a RTI PIKO14.0 from the top of the building and 3 SwissLas PL-6000RGB (inside). These pictures were taken from a 200m distance in daylight and night time in a busy city. Many thanks to AC Lasers for this... Grand Opening of the Mooch Bar in Birmingham, UK

Heineken's New Year Celebration 2012 / 2013

New Year's Eve has been celebrated by 100,000 people on the Nguyen Hue Avenue in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Our partner Bocatec has used following systems: 4x NANO AT 6 RYGCB 35 2x PIKO G24 2x NANO AT 3 G 36 Heineken's New Year Celebration 2012 / 2013
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