RTI Cocoon Climate Housing

The RTI Cocoon Climate Housing is especially designed for the laser systems of the NANO and PIKO Series, namely for their use in areas where a perfect operating temperature cannot be ensured.
Particularly very hot environments can cause problems for laser use.
The RTI Cocoon is equipped with a climate control system, that is able to cool as well as to heat the laser system. Thus a stable operating temperature can be guaranteed.

The Climate Housing consists of two components, as conventional air conditioning units - the actual climate housing and an external condenser/compressor unit. While the housing is sealed according to IP65, the external condenser and compressor unit is IP54 and therefore has to be protected from direct, lasting rainfall and high humidity.
By default, the RTI Cocoon Housings come with 3m coolant hose. To meet customer demands it is also possible to place the condenser unit further from the housing. Appropriate adjustments are manufactured on request.

The power consumption of the Cocoon is at 1150W with a cooling power of 12000BTU. Therefore it is possible to pump 3590W of heat.
Operating temperature: -15°C to +50°C
Weight: 55kg

The Cocoon has to be mounted on a support system (metal plate, concrete base, or similar). The particular laser device is fixed inside the housing by  the mounting bracket.

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RTI Cocoon housing

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