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The Ray Technologies GmbH specialized in the development and manufacturing of high professional laser light systems, mainly for show and stage applications. Custom solutions for industrial laser applications are provided as well. Within the Laserworld Group, Ray Technologies (RTI) serves the high level product segment with lasers for high end applications. A specialized division continuously develops and improves optical and electronic components as well as mechanical assemblies.
The current sources, the high frequency diode drivers as well as the optics are developed and produced in-house according to customers' specifications.

The in-house CNC - machining center allows for quick and flexible reaction to custom, non-standard requirements and to realize prototyping quickly and easily.

Ray Technologies GmbH is a member of the Laserworld Group.

Further members of the Laserworld Group: Laserworld (Switzerland AG), Laserworld UK, Laserworld USA, Laserworld ASIA.

Check out our latest product: The new RTI NEO ONE multi projector show laser system - modular, DMX controllable, easy mounting

Find professional laser control software:

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