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Laser Safety Officer seminars

The Laserworld Academy offers laser safety training seminars in different European countries in English language. Participants can become a certified Laser Safety Officer after having successfully passed the final test. All seminars base on the European and international laser regulations, mainly the IEC 60825, and especially consider the German regulations for education of Laser Safety Officers.

If not specified differently (please see seminar description):

All seminars comply with the legal requirements according to German OStrV in combination with TROS. The Laser Safety Officer training covers all contents required for officially accepted LSO certifications (as specified in TROS).

It is suitable for the following types of laser applications:

    • Technical laser applications
    • Industrial laser applications
    • Trades laser applications
    • Laser show / Laser display


These Laser Safety Officer Trainings or Laser Trainings in English language are scheduled:


LSO Seminar